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Nancy, 24

Chongming, Shanghai Escort

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thank you for check my webpage here. My name is Nancy and I would be very happy to stay with you for some time and let you enjoy a sexy young Asian girls accompany.

As you can see on my real and up to date pictures above, I am tall (at least for Chinese girls 172 cm is tall already, and with high heels 180 is no problem for me ;-). And luckily I am also not like many girls with small tits.. hehe... I guess you will love my perfect shaped - and natural - real D-cup tits and also the hot things I will be able to do with them ;-) What about massage you with my tits? Or massage one part of your body which will especially enjoy it ;-) You know what I am talking about, right?

I am slim and care about my body shape a lot, so I hope you will also enjoy to play with my body ;-) My friends told me, my face is also pretty, but I am not sure if this is only in Chinese eyes or if also foreigner will like me. At least I hope so, because I like foreign guys ;-)

That`s why a friend told me, here it could be a great place for me to meet interesting foreign guys and also make some extra money.

I really hope you like me and I am looking forward to see you :-)))


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